Best Flower choices for your Beach Wedding

When you embark on the exciting journey of planning the most beautiful, romantic and elegant beach wedding, every little detail counts! So it’s no surprise that the power of flowers is one that cannot underestimated. Choosing the right kind of flowers to match the waterfront venue, the season and the overall theme of your beach wedding can be fun as well as stressful for any bride to be.

Here are some handy and helpful tips for you if you have chosen a beach wedding in Sydney to get your flower choices just right!

Work with nature!

Choosing the right kind of flowers can depend a lot on the location of the beach as well as the time of the day the wedding ceremony is going to be held. The weather on the beach can rather erratic and unpredictable, so if you fail to plan, you plan to fail; it’s simple!  Beaches are generally breezy year round so it’s best to pick flowers that are not too delicate or may wither rather quickly under the hot sun. Hydrangeas and Peonies may not make it very well due to humidity and sea air.With a scenic background like the beach, it’s best not to go overboard with your flower decorations. After all, the idea is to really enhance your Sydney Beach wedding setting rather than take over it! Not only will you stress yourself and your budget out, you’ll take away from the natural beauty of your oceanfront beach wedding location.

It’s the season for loving!

The best flowers for a Sydney beach wedding in spring, early autumn and summer are all orchids’ calla and arum lilies, native flowers such as King Proteas, Waratahs, Ferns, Kale, tropical such as Heliconias, crab claws, gerberas, Anthuriums. For beach wedding in Sydney during winter, early spring and late autumn, roses should be fine, as would gerberas, tulips – but beware as tulips continue to grow and will twist to find the sun!

Flower choices

Singapore Orchids are perfect for summer weddings! Hotand humid conditions are what these thrive in and last very well. Available in just about all the colours of a rainbow and varying shades from whites and pastels to brights.

Glasshouse Roses may be an excellent choice especially if your wedding will be quite breezy and in the open. These have thick sturdy stems and aren’t as delicate as garden roses. So they may survive from getting burnt by extreme hot weather conditions.

Gloriosa, Oriental Lilies, Lotus Pods, Lavender, Lisianthus and Carnations are also excellent sturdy choices for a bright beautiful summer Sydney beach wedding lending a very classy and elegant bridal look.

Gypsophila is a very tradional flower ideal hot conditions. Whilst the little white blooms on Gypsophila appear delicate but quite the contrary, they even survive sprayed different colours! And will last well beyond your wedding day!

Like Gypsophila, Chrysanthemums last very well in the summer heat and generally are available in a range of sizes, textures and colours.

Succulents may not necessarily be the first choice for most brides and grooms, but when combined with other great summer flowers like standard roses and some lisianthus, can be a wonderful option to create an elegant feminine style that’s chic and unique. And, for those fussy grooms who aren’t so sure of wearing a flower, these make perfect buttonholes!

Natives, Berries, Nuts and Foliage

Natives, berries, nuts and foliage including Proteas, Leucadendrons, Sea Holly, Blue Gum and yellow Billy Button balls may be a great idea to consider. Not only do these hold well in the summer heat but in a beautiful arrangement, can be very innovative and unique.

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