The Dont’s of Planning a Destination Wedding

From the time you say ‘yes’ to the actual big day, as if the planning process of your perfect big day isn’t exciting enough. When you decide to tie the knot in a far-flung exotic location it can be romantic but just as stressful too! Especially if you don’t know what not to do!

Following on from our useful tips and tricks on ‘How to plan a flawless destination wedding’ be sure you know the big ‘No No’s to avoid when planning your very dreamy destination wedding!

Don’t invite your whole world!

In all reality, destination weddings more often than not can be more costly than traditional weddings. In order to prevent wedding day woes, have realistic expectations; Between airfares, lodging, and other expenses, don’t get tempted to invite everybody you know!

Differentiate between friends and acquaintances. Groups of 40 to 50 is an ideal number to really celebrate your special day more intimately as this way everyone can join in on the celebrations without feeling lost in the crowd.

Likewise, don’t expect all your guests would be able to make it to your destination wedding! For younger guests, smaller bank accounts and less vacation days may make it more difficult to get to a destination wedding. Similarly for older guest’s, the location accessibility or lack of and travel distances could pose challenges.

Don’t pay for everyone’s airfares

Unless this is something you want to or can afford to. Wedding etiquette suggests it’s not really necessary for the bride and groom to pay for flight and hotel for the wedding party. If you absolutely would love to celebrate your special day in the company of some special guests who perhaps cannot afford the costs, consider booking less expensive hotels nearby to your venue of choice.

Quit the micro manager in you

It can be tempting to try to control every little detail and rightly so! Your special day will come around only once and you want to make it memorable your way! But your attempts to control your big day from afar can backfire.Since you won’t be able to view and approve every detail before arriving on site, you might succumb to pre-wedding anxiety. Instead of stressing, consider hiring a planner or take advantage of experienced hotel, catering and event planning staff at your destination. Easing up on the DIY projects will pay big dividends on the big day!

Don’t pick the wrong dress!

Be a hundred percent happy and confident with your wedding dress to suit your destination wedding. Consider factors such as the location, weather, external elements, accessibility, dress fabric choices and styles and even local customs and traditions when selecting your destination wedding dream dress! Also it may be a good idea to have a think about how easy would it be for you to transport your dress virtually crease free to get to your destination.

For a beach destination wedding, think light fabrics and colours that won’t show sweat. Linen suits for the groom

[are always a wonderful go-to; they look great and are light enough for grooms to get through taking photos in the sun. Likewise for the bride, silk, chiffon, or organza are ideal fabrics.

Don’t leave your guests guessing!

When your wedding party is kind enough to take time out of their lives and follow you to an exotic location to help celebrate your special day, it’s only fair to make sure they’re satisfied and comfortable. Don’t make your guests feel abandoned, confused or even worse left feeling unwelcomed. Plan thoughtful favours to thank them for their presence and a relaxed casual welcome party or reception can help orient newcomers to what might be an unfamiliar location and a good idea to get the celebration going! Try to be as detailed and thorough as possible with the information you share with your guests on how to get to the location, transportation options from airports, things to do, currency rates, tipping practices, local tourist traps, what to expect, accommodation options etc. Having said this, don’t become a tour guide but do put in the effort so your guests are less inclined to seek your assistance. Setting up a website and referring your gusts to it would be a great timesaver and a memento full of lasting memories! Make sure your website is NOT Flash, however, so people can easily view it on their mobile devices and at places with slow internet connections. And remember to keep the site updated!

And lastly, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy your special day at your perfectly dreamy destination!

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